Breathable Mesh Dog Harness – Luxury Doggie
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Breathable Mesh Dog Harness Set
Pet Small Dog Breathable Mesh Harness
breathable mesh dog harness
Breathable Mesh Small Dog Pet Harness
Breathable Mesh Adjustable harness

Breathable Mesh Dog Harness Set


Breathable Mesh Dog Harness

The Breathable Mesh Dog Harness Sets by DogVac includes a no slip nylon pet collar. This nylon collar is designed to help prevent the escape of bacteria and mucus, which sometimes get caught on the nylon collar and are difficult to remove, especially if the collar has been around for a while. These nylon collars can also be made from natural fabrics that are more comfortable to wear. These nylon and natural fabric collars are come in all the popular sizes for the Small Dog. The Breathable Mesh Dog Harness Sets also comes with a leash for your small dog. Not only does the leash help keep your small dog close to you but it also lets you keep an eye on your dog while they're out in the yard or at the park. There are also a number of accessories that are included with this accessory set including a dog bath and a plush towel to help keep your small dog feeling and smelling good.

A no slip nylon collar is the perfect choice for a no slip dog collar. They're designed to keep your dog safe from bacteria and prevent accidents at the same time. There are different types of no slip nylon collars, some of which are designed to be more comfortable to wear than others. This collar is designed for small dogs but it can be worn by large dogs as well. This collar can also be used with the Breathable Mesh Dog Harness Set by DogVac. This collar is designed for smaller dogs but it's also extremely comfortable to wear.
The collar is an open mesh design and they come in a variety of colors. They also come in both black and brown that allows you to match the collar to the color of your dog and the home. Natural fabrics are very comfortable to wear and are very soft against the skin. These natural fabric pet collars are also very easy to clean and they won't irritate your dog's skin. Some of these pet collars have leather or synthetic material that is built into the collar.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight and breathable mesh.
  • Designed to help keep your canine cool and comfortable.
  • Provide pressure across the neck and shoulders.
  • Adjustable harness for ultimate comfort.

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Breathable Mesh Dog Harness Set


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