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Mesh Reflective Dog Harness
mesh harness for small dogs
No-pull Nylon Dog Harness
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Mesh Reflective Dog Harness

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Mesh Reflective Dog Harness

If you have a pooch that needs some extra help when walking, but you don't want to use a traditional leash or choker then you might consider purchasing an easy-to-use dog harness instead. An easy-to-use Mesh Reflective Dog Harness is basically equipment consisting of straps of strong webbing that loop around the body of your dog-usually fastened with side release buckles. Harnesses usually offer a wide range of adjustments and features depending on the type of leash you are using to control your dog. Some types of easy-to-use dog harness even feature built-in leash tensioners so you don't need to carry any extra items or accessories with you on your walks.


Most easy-to-use dog harnesses come with one adjustable shoulder harness, which makes it easier for smaller dogs to squeeze through. You can also use the harness's leash tension to gently push your dog forward or retract its body when you no longer want it to move forward. Easy-to-use harnesses for larger dogs tend to feature more adjustable straps on both the shoulder and the waist of the dog harness. Some of these harnesses allow you to adjust either the front leash or the hind leg leash independently from the front or back leash. A padded harness is especially beneficial for larger dogs because it helps to reduce the tendency to yaw forward or backward when your dog pulls itself forward by swinging its rear end.


The padded dog harness comes with three adjustment points at the front, back, and sides of the neck. The adjustable points are designed to work smoothly with all-sized dogs. The Mesh Reflective Dog Harness has three adjustment points means it is easy to get your dog through all of its walking stages with the same comfort. It is important to note that the three adjustment points are separate from each other and may not be labeled as such on the product packaging. The harness comes with a fabric cover to help maintain comfort and hygiene.

Features & Benefits:

  • Breathable and durable mesh fabric.
  • Reinforced D-ring
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable

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Mesh Reflective Dog Harness

$15.18 Regular price

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