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Suede Leather Pet Collar
pink Personalized Dog Collar
Engraving puppy black collar
Engraved collar Heart ID Tag for puppy
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, pink Personalized Dog Collar
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Suede Leather Pet Collar

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Suede Leather Pet Collar

Pet collars can be used to control, identify, fashion, and even protect your pet. A standard collar is simply a piece of metal, plastic, or leather that is put around a dog's neck. A collar can be used for identification, control, style, or protection. Identification tags and other medical information may also be placed on standard dog collars. Many Suede Leather Pet Collar are designed specifically for a particular purpose, such as a leash or training. There are also custom-made dog collars available that can be matched to a particular breed or type of dog.


If you want to keep your pet safe, a standard leather collar is ideal. These kinds of dog collars come in various styles and colors and many come in cool or warm colors. There are also custom-made, leather pet collars available to match specific breeds of dogs. There are several different places you can purchase a collar, including pet stores, specialty stores, or online.


Luxury Doggie Pet Supplies offers many different options in design, styles, and colors to choose from. Suede Leather Pet Collar or Cashmere Collar is perfect for the avid outdoorsman or sportsman. If you like to hunt, there are waterproof collars to help keep your pup dry when you are out in the elements. Luxury Doggie Pet Supplies also has several styles in different thicknesses and colors to choose from, so you will find a collar that is comfortable for you and your pet. For more information on this kind of collar, contact them directly.

Key Benefits

  • The reflective strip runs the length of the collar to keep your cat safe and visible in low-light areas.
  • The durable but soft snag-proof nylon material and breakaway safety buckle designed to keep your cat safe in case her collar gets caught.
  • Engrave up to 21 characters (including spaces) with your cat's name and phone number to ensure she always has ID.
  • Removable wildlife protection bell warns birds and small animals that your cat is coming.
  • Machine washable comes in 5 colors and can easily adjust from 8-13 inches for the paw-fect fit.