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Elastic Bungee Dog Leash
Bungee Leashes
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Elastic Bungee Dog Leash

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Elastic Bungee Dog Leash

Elastic Bungee Dog Leash is usually a short, leather, or similar strap attached to a harness, collar, or harness-like material. It has a buckle that attaches to your dog's collar or head harness and a leash attachment that you can adjust the length of according to how far your dog can walk. Some dog leash attachments are available that can be used as a choke chain, a lead, or a prong collar. If you want a leash that is secure and comfortable for your dog, it is best to choose a leash that is adjustable. If you are walking an older dog with a short leash that might be painful or uncomfortable for your pet, using a leash that has both safety features and an adjustable length will make your dog less likely to trip or become entangled while walking.


There are four basic types of leash attachments available. They are most often made of nylon or leather with plastic clips, buckles, and other fasteners. These are generally used with a choke collar or a lead. The type of attachment that you use is up to you and depends upon what you think your dog needs to do on a regular basis. A Elastic Bungee Dog Leash or chain that attaches to your dog's collar is more suitable if you want to take your pet out for walks, and don't want them to get tangled in any type of harness-like material. This type of leash attachment will allow you to easily control your dog by locking the leash and pulling the leash away from you.


A prong collar or prong device is designed so that the prongs can be placed on either side of your dog's neck or head. If you are walking a large, powerful dog, you will want to consider attaching a prong collar with a choke chain or lead to prevent your dog from attacking people. If your dog has a sensitive breed of dog such as a Doberman, Yorkie, Rottweiler, etc., a prong collar will also be very irritating. A prong collar or prong device can be quite effective if you have a dog that needs to be walked on a regular basis but isn't that large.

Features & Benefits:
  • Hands-free bungee leash
  • Expands so your dog can safely explore
  • A lightweight belt with a leash clip is adjustable and comfortable to wear
  • Slides back and forth
  • Your dog can change direction without tripping.
  • Reflective fabric on both the belt and length