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Leather Steel Buckle Dog Collar
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Leather Steel Buckle Dog Collar

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Leather Steel Buckle Dog Collar

A Leather Steel Buckle Dog Collar is a decorative piece of material typically fastened around a dog's neck. A collar can be used for identification, style, identification, or even protection. Medical information and identification tags are sometimes placed on dog collars as well. Many collars are also used in conjunction with a leash for controlling a loose dog. Leashes have come a long way in terms of popularity but many people still use a traditional collar.


The two most popular dog collars on the market are leather and flat collars. Leather collars are usually more expensive because they are more durable. The flat collars, which are made of nylon, are usually cheaper than their leather counterparts. Both types of collars have the ability to provide a secure fit and a comfortable feel. There is a lot of information about choosing the right Leather Steel Buckle Dog Collar and leash online. Most websites offer tips and suggestions to help make the decision-making process easy and quick.


Some other dog collars on the market are the prong collar, electronic containment unit, and shock collars. These are used for specific training purposes and should only be administered by trained professionals. A prong collar (also called a "thumb lead") gives a firm and consistent pressure sensation that resembles the sound of a sharp needle piercing the skin. This type of pressure is designed for protection and security purposes.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made from the most beautiful genuine leather
  • For most persistent pullers
  • Heavy-duty, nickel-plated buckle and large D-ring 
  • Every buckle, ring, and loop connection is metal riveted to ensure maximum safety and durability.

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Leather Steel Buckle Dog Collar

$28.48 Regular price

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