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Nylon Breathable Dog Harness
breathable dog harness
nylon dog harness
nylon harness
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Nylon Breathable Dog Harness

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Nylon Breathable Dog Harness

A Nylon Breathable Dog Harness is a vital piece of equipment made up of large straps of webbing which loop around the torso just below the sternum, fasten around the legs (the front leg to be exact), and then loop around again on the opposite side to fasten the back leg. A dog harness usually consists of a leash attaching it to the collar attached to the dog's neck; a flap of fabric or plastic at the top of the neck with a loop of webbing; and a head harness that covers the head and face of the dog. It can also include a leash. The harnesses were made first for puppies and for some wild canines, but today's modern harnesses for dogs are designed with the need for comfort and safety of the pet owner in mind.


Dog harnesses are available in various colors, patterns, designs, styles, and materials such as Nylon Breathable Dog Harness, and reflective harnesses are becoming very popular for dogs. Nylon, a man-made fiber, is an extremely comfortable fabric, which is resistant to tears and punctures. In addition, nylon has many other features including stretchability which means it will conform to the shape of your dog's body, and it is also durable. It is possible to get a reflective harness with a reflective leash if you prefer. Reflective harnesses are more popularly used by police, fire, EMS, hunters, and wildlife enthusiasts, while nylon is more often used for pets and for casual wear or everyday use.


For many years, the standard style dog harness has been the basic unit consisting of the leash, collar, and head harness; however today there are many additional options available. These options are available with or without a leash, with or without a snap-on collar, with or without a reflective harness. One of the most popular varieties of dog harnesses for small dogs is the "click-through" design where the leash simply clicks on the unit and is then hooked through a series of loops and Velcro. There is also the "hugger" design, where a small "hugger" is attached to the leash, and this allows the dog owner to simply pat their dog and take it everywhere with them.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stay in control and keep your pup safe
  • Durable and stylish design.
  • Made of lightweight, breathable Material
  • It padded for maximum comfort.
  • It has a leash D-ring located between the shoulders.