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Nylon Mesh Reflective Dog Harness
mesh dog harness
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Nylon Mesh Reflective Dog Harness

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Nylon Mesh Reflective Dog Harness

Nylon Mesh Reflective Dog Harness is a piece of apparatus consisting of long, flexible straps of rope-like webbing which loop almost around the waist-to-leg connection-the upper-side-release buckles. A dog harness is a vital accessory for any dog owner and is not only needed for a dog to be safe, but to also be comfortable. By wearing a dog harness a dog is provided with the advantage of being able to move freely in its surroundings and at the same time has the capability to move comfortably without feeling that they are being constrained.

There are many types of dog harnesses available on the market. They come in a range of styles including a halter, which is a simple collar worn on the neck and around the chest. The halter is also known as a choke chain and in most cases is only used on small breeds of dogs and can be difficult to manage for larger breeds of dogs. A no-bark no-leash or NBL also known as a nanny collar is an elastic cord or string that attaches to a dog's leash or chain. These or NBL's are great for training purposes, however they are very difficult for a dog to wear on its own as the dog must be in a position to pull and tug on the cord, making them unsuitable for large breeds or active dogs. A no-leash choke chain or NBL is a simple collar that is designed to hold a dog's leash or chain without causing pain or discomfort. While these types of dog harnesses can be useful in training purposes, they are unsuitable for a dog to wear on its own without discomfort as they are too restrictive and do not allow a dog to move freely.

Harnesses should be chosen with care and should ideally fit perfectly. A Nylon Mesh Reflective Dog Harness that is too tight can cause problems as it makes walking a dog an uncomfortable experience, and can make the dog feel less secure. A harness that is too loose can result in a choking hazard and can even be a hindrance to a dog wearing it as it may hang loose around the waist and cause a choking hazard for the dog when its leash is pulled too hard.

Features & Benefits:

  • D-rings for leash attachment.
  • Very lightweight

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Nylon Mesh Reflective Dog Harness

$18.98 Regular price

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