Plaid Style Dog Harness

Plaid Style Dog Harness
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Plaid Style Dog Harness

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A Plaid Style Dog Harness is a piece of equipment usually consisting of elastic-fabric straps of strong webbing that loop around the torso of a pet dog, much like a vest. It is used to control and secure your dog's movement in any suitable position. These harnesses are often used to secure young puppies or animals during traveling. They are made from a variety of materials including leather, nylon, and synthetic materials. A properly fitted dog harness should give your dog the comfort and support needed while on his back in any comfortable position.


Some dog harnesses have additional features such as extra padding for comfort, padded back rings for additional protection, padded collars for safety, and harness fittings with zippers to securely fasten the unit. Some units are made with detachable adjustable straps and zippers or come with Velcro fasteners. Adjustable straps allow you to adjust the length of the unit and fasten them at the desired level of tightness. Some of these adjustable straps also serve to hold the unit in place between the dog's ribs, and this is a very useful feature especially when your dog has a poor posture or if he is suffering from back problems.


A common feature of most dog harnesses is an attachment point for leash and chain. This attachment point is typically located in the front part of the chest and is equipped with Velcro fastening or other attachment points to securely fasten the harness onto your dog's chest or shoulders. These leash attachment points are great for walking or running with your dog since they offer a good way to keep your dog within arm's reach at all times. If your dog likes to be carried by you while doing his daily activities or is more at home in a large open area, this type of Plaid Style Dog Harness would suit him best. You can also opt for a chest harness which provides the same safety as an attachment point harness but is made out of heavier materials to provide a better carrying option for your pet.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eco-friendly design
  • Ultra-soft and durable straps
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Innovative no-choke design 
  • Non-breakaway
  • Quick-release clasp
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