Reflective Harness Leash Set

Reflective Harness Leash Set
No Pull Reflective Dog leash
No Pull pink Dog leash
best reflective dog harness
Vest and lead set For Small dogs
harness and leash set for large dogs
best reflective green dog harness
black Reflective Dog leash
best reflective blue dog harness
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No Pull Reflective blue Dog leash
best reflective black dog harness
Walking dog leash and harness vest set
Perfect Daily Training leash and harness vest set

Reflective Harness Leash Set

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Reflective Harness Leash Set

When a dog gets sick or injured, it needs the same type of medical assistance as you do. A Reflective Harness Leash Set, also known as a dog belt, is often used to help keep a dog stable during an emergency. A dog harness usually consists of small straps of heavy webbing, usually with buckle-side release buckles, which loop over the shoulders of the animal. The purpose is to hold the animal in place, while allowing its legs to be free to move about, in order to provide a firm, secure support for the dog's neck.

Most dogs cannot hold themselves up on their own without help. They are not strong enough to pull themselves up on their own and they tend to fall back on their owners for assistance when it becomes necessary. If you have a dog that has fallen into an icy pond or other dangerous situation, it may take all of your strength to get the dog to shore on its own. With a dog harness, you can give the animal that extra bit of support, and it will feel secure in a harness.

Most Reflective Harness Leash Set comes with a leash that is made from strong rope and is attached to the buckle side. There is usually a buckle on the front end of the leash and a slip loop in the back end. The slip loop on the back end of the leash can be attached to the buckle and the dog is held firmly in place. If the leash slips through the slip loop, the dog will be loose, and it is important to prevent that from happening. For a more secure fit, the leash can be attached to the front end of the harness by sewing a knot.

Features & Benefits:

  • Harness discourages pulling on the leash
  • Durable design
  • Easy to put on and take off with quick-snap buckles.
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