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Reflective Nylon Dog Lift Harness
reflective dog harness
Nylon Reflective Dog Lift Harness
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Reflective Nylon Dog Lift Harness

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Reflective Nylon Dog Lift Harness

A Reflective Nylon Dog Lift Harness has become a common piece of equipment made of various materials, which are made to secure the dog's weight to some kind of support like a leash or car rack. A dog harness is a useful piece of equipment designed to protect the dog against harsh outdoor conditions. It functions by carrying the dog's weight and redirecting its movements when on walks or even just carrying it to places where it can relieve itself. This type of harness is useful for both old and young dogs, even the puppies too!


A dog harness comes in various types depending on what you are looking for and your budget. The most basic one is the basic no-pull collar, which can be used in both indoor and outdoor situations. This simple collar features a metal hook attached to the leash with which the dog's neck is fastened to a ring at its base. It is mainly designed for small dogs. If your pet is a bigger breed an adjustable or reflective nylon dog harness may be more suitable for your pet.


Adjustable harnesses feature a removable cord on their two shoulder straps, which can be fully adjusted to your dog's weight and distance from you or from other pets. In order to fit this type of Reflective Nylon Dog Lift Harness, you will have to remove a portion of the existing collar or, in the case of the reflective harness, insert an elastic piece into the hole in the collar. The adjustable harnesses are best suited for larger dogs as they allow their chest to move up and down a little if they want to. The adjustable harnesses usually come with a padded chest area for comfort and a leash attachment on the back.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Great for older dogs
  • Soft, padded body area
  • It has an ergonomic design to reduce contact with pain points.
  • Chest strap included for added control.
  • Fully adjustable