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Reflective Plaid Dog Harness
plaid dog harness
Nylon Cat Harness and Leash Set
Customized ID Tag Cats kitten Harnesses
Anti Lost Name Tag leash and harness set
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Reflective Plaid Pet Harness

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Reflective Plaid Pet Harness

When you want to protect your beloved pets from the elements, you need only one type of harness for them: a Reflective Plaid Pet Harness. Pet harnesses are a versatile item, allowing you to attach them to your dog or cat to let him/her enjoy the freedom of movement outdoors. If you are searching for an ideal harness to use in such conditions, you need to look no further than a reflective plaid pet harness. This item comes with attractive, colorful prints. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use since it can protect your canine/feline from harsh weather conditions while allowing him/her to move freely around.


The Reflective Plaid Pet Harness is a high-quality pet harness that features a heavy-duty, nylon outer material, with eyelets on each strap for easy attachment to your dog's leash or cat's leash. A pet harness is harnessing equipment consisting of elastic-type straps that loop around the animal's torso--that connect with side release buckles. Once the harness straps are around the animal's body, they are secured by Velcro, and the harness is secured around the waist with clasps or other attaching hardware. There are many pet harnesses available in the market today; a simple online search will allow you to compare and contrast the features and specifications of each pet harness on the market. You need to make sure that your pet's breed and physical structure are compatible with the model that you choose.


Some pet harnesses are also equipped with rain and cold-resistant reflective piping around the perimeter of the fabric. These reflective piping features a rainbow of colors and are great for letting your pet easily identify their harness whenever it is uncovered. Some pet collars can also be converted into pet harnesses that feature clasps or Velcro straps with the use of specific adapters.

Features & Benefits:

  • The harness features vibrant colors 
  • Discourages pulling