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Reflective Striped Dog Adjustable Harness
reflective dog harness
Adjustable Nylon Pet Mesh Harness

Reflective Striped Dog Adjustable Harness

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Reflective Striped Dog Adjustable Harness

A Reflective Striped Dog Adjustable Harness is typically a very simple piece of apparatus consisting of straps that surround the dog's torso. This is then used to hold, guide, and lift your dog by means of buckles connected to the leash. In addition, it provides free breathing while the animal pulls and also reduces tension on the dog's neck when they are pulling. Harnesses have become an essential piece of dog harness equipment since the early 1990's when they were first introduced onto the market; however, with the continual advancements in design, harnesses have developed further to become a stylish piece of dog equipment.


Today, you can find a wide selection of dog harnesses available on the market, ranging from the simple, no-frills, leather, shoulder-strap harness which is perfectly suitable for a small breed of dog to the technologically advanced, harness/leash system combination featuring webbing straps and zippered openings on the side. The most popular style of dog harness on the market today is the reflective Striped Dog Harness', which are one of the most innovative, safest, most comfortable, and durable pieces of pet equipment consisting of strips of reflective material which are connected to the straps and used to provide a visible tracking device to your dog. Dog harnesses like the Reflective Striped Dog Harness have become extremely popular due to their visibility, which allows your dog to be seen at all times even in the dark. This piece of equipment is also perfect for sightseeing excursions since its bright colors can easily be spotted from a distance.


In addition to the above-mentioned harnesses, there is another type of dog harness which is referred to as a 'Leash and Lead System' which is great if you would prefer to let your dog pull on a lead without putting him/her in harm's way. Leashes for pulling dogs come in different sizes to match the size of your dog, with some models even allowing your dog to pull by pulling behind you. Leashes and leads for pulling dogs are available in different materials, but the most common material used in constructing a leash and lead system is stainless steel. Leashes and leads for pulling dogs come in various colors and designs and are a great item to invest in for your dog, allowing him/her to easily pull along with you.

Features & Benefits:

  • Patented choke-free
  • Breathable material
  • D-ring

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Reflective Striped Dog Adjustable Harness

$18.58 Regular price

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