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Rhinestone Studded Leather Harness
studded dog harness
Bling Rhinestone Studded Leather Harness
Studded Leather Dog Collar and Harness and Leash set

Rhinestone Studded Leather Harness

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Rhinestone Studded Leather Harness

A Rhinestone Studded Leather Harness is an important piece of apparatus consisting mainly of adjustable straps around the dog's torso. Its use is to hold, guide, and lift your dog while preventing excessive pulling (a major cause of back pain among dogs). It also gives free rein to your dog while using its pulling power and reduces tension in the neck while they pull. There are many brands on the market from which to choose but it's important to note that all dog harnesses are constructed with high-quality materials, like extra-durability webbing, heavy-duty buckles, and strong zippers for extra durability and life of the unit.


Dog harness comes in different colors and designs to match your dog's personality or even your dress code. The collar portion of the harness is typically made of leather or vinyl since most dogs hate itchy collars, so a little comfort goes a long way! The leash attachment point is also a leather/vinyl piece since most dogs prefer leash. It is fully adjustable to fit the needs of your dog since most are built with a rear-facing position that offers your dog a well-defined profile, which makes them easy to handle while walking - and it comes in a range of sizes to fit puppies as small as kittens up to full-size dogs.


The most commonly found type of harness on the market is the front-facing dog harness, which is built on a simple frame with one-sided adjustment points for easy mounting/adjustment. This type of Rhinestone Studded Leather Harness offers the most freedom of movement and versatility since its adjustment points are located on both sides. It has one chest adjustment point and two shoulder adjustment points, allowing you to move your dog's torso in any direction, up or down, left or right. Its front chest buckle allows easy access to your dog's chest, his food/water container, and his collar/leash. It also includes a chest flap to ensure that your dog is comfortable in the harness when you are wearing it, since he would feel cold without it.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rhinestone Studs
  • Adjustable straps
  • Weatherproof construction 
  • Comfortable

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    Rhinestone Studded Leather Harness

    $77.98 Regular price

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