Soft K9 Agitation Whip – Luxury Doggie
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Soft K9 Agitation Whip
Dog Leather Training whip

Soft K9 Agitation Whip


Soft K9 Agitation Whip

What is an Agitation Whip? Can I teach my dog to use this whip? An Soft K9 Agitation Whip (sometimes spelled as AGRIPPAW) is a small leather-covered dog paddle that you can find in just about any pet supply store and is commonly used for "puppy dog" training. The whip is made of flexible medical-grade nylon and has a hook on one end that has a rubber "bump" so that the paddle can be used as a collar to teach dogs to get off their leashes. Because the whip is flexible, it provides an ideal medium to teach your dog to respond to the physical pressure placed on his neck by pulling on his leash.


So, what do you need to use the Soft K9 Agitation Whip for dog training? If you are searching for a leather-covered popper for sale, then you are going to need some rubber or latex padding for the front or back of the device. The padding will help provide some sort of a buffer, much like a towel, to prevent your dog from getting hurt while he is learning how to use the rubber or latex padding to learn how to get off his leash. The actual "saddle" that goes on the dog's back is a soft material and most dogs do not like having anything put on their back, especially if it's not something they enjoy. If you have an old soft-sided plastic bag that you can recycle or use as an inexpensive purse for fetching around the house, you could also use this as the "saddle".


You will also need some strong nylon rope, a tape measure, and a small amount of fabric or leather that are used for stuffing the inside of the popper. If you are looking to teach your dog to stop pulling on the leash, you might want to consider a slip knot (or slip chain) that provides a little bit more resistance. The leather-covered handle grip or the nylon rope should be tied onto the fabric or leather at the very end, with a small amount of overlap (toward the bottom) to create a loop. Now your dog has a proper flexibility lesson!

Features & Benefits:

  • Leather covering
  • Hang loop
  • Flexible
  • Light-weighted

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Soft K9 Agitation Whip


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