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Soft Suede Leather Dog Harness
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Soft Suede Leather Dog Harness


Soft Suede Leather Dog Harness

What is a dog harness anyway? Basically, a dog harness (sometimes called a dog collar) is basically a lightweight retractable device that is usually made of leather and is strapped around your dog's neck. It usually has a Velcro fastener at the very end and straps on to either an adjustable waist strap or a front leash strap. There are several types of these available - they can be made of different fabrics like leather, nylon, cotton or polyester.


So, what's so cool about dog harnesses anyways? One of its great features is that it offers your pet a unique, adjustable fit that's comfortable and snug around his/her neck. The kurgo tru-fit harness, for instance, has an adjustable front belt buckle with two straps and a center front Velcro strap that you can easily adjust to give your pup a taller or shorter style. It also has two rear straps with a hook in the back for attaching a leash. This is perfect for when you're out walking - it'll hold your pup securely while letting you keep your hands free for some time.


The other great thing about the kurgo tru-fit is that it's extremely durable and strong - it's definitely going to last your dog through a lot of use. It's also available in a variety of styles and colors, so you're sure to find one that matches your dog's coloring. If you want something that's more stylish though, there are also front-clip head halters available that come in several colors. And because it uses webbing instead of traditional buckles, this Soft Suede Leather Dog Harness gives your dog extra strength and a little extra protection. These head halters are available in many different sizes and styles.

Features & Benefits

  • Soft padding for superior comfort
  • Adjustable chest
  • Lightweight and durable

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Soft Suede Leather Dog Harness


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