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Soft Printed Harness Set
printed dog harness
Printed Dog Harness and Leash set
Cat Vest printed harness
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Printed Dog Harness and Leash set
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Soft Printed Harness Set

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Soft Printed Harness Set

A Soft Printed Harness Set is a piece of gear consisting of elastic straps surrounding the dog's torso. It functions as a collar to control its movement, and like a choke collar to stop it from barking too much. It's used to hold, guide, and lift your pet through walk after walk. It gives free rein to your pet while reducing tension in the neck when they pull hard on the leash.


This article will talk about the three most popular types of dog harnesses; a front-clip, soft printed harness, and sense-ation harness. The front-clip harness is a relatively new design and still in its early days (so to speak) - only recently have manufacturers gotten it right - allowing the dogs' necks to hang freely. So, unlike collars which are often painful for your dog and cause unnecessary tension, the front-clip harness allows the dogs' necks to move naturally without pain, pressure, or chafing. This has caused many owners to prefer this design type.


The soft printed, or no-pull harness offers many features - including a sense-ation sensation (the dogs feel the tension in their neck), a comfortable fit (it fits very comfortably around your pet's torso), and it comes with an adjustable, movable front clip that lets you adjust its fit as your pet grows. It's a perfect training tool, allowing you to control your pet and teach good manners. The no-pull harness was developed by Therapy Dogs International in the 1990s. Becker, one of the founders of NAPIT, has been using the no-pull harness since he first used it as a therapy dog in the early 1980s.

Features & Benefits:

  • Vest-style harness for a secure fit
  • Soft padding for superior comfort
  • Breathable fabric