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Spiked Leather Dog Harness
Spiked dog harness purple Leather

Spiked Leather Dog Harness

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Spiked Leather Dog Harness

With the vast varieties available in the market, dog harnesses have become a fashion statement for many pet owners. The harnesses are designed to provide an easy and secure fit while giving the dogs a good look. They come in different shapes and sizes and are designed with different features such as adjustable shoulder straps, front leash rings, back leash rings, adjustable clasps, and more. There are different types of dog harnesses such as Spiked Leather Dog Harness for small breeds such as toy poodles, Maltese or Chihuahuas, Dog Harness for large breeds such as Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Dalmatians, giant Schnauzers, Greyhounds, etc.


In case you don't want your dog to be restrained by the collar, you can get an alternative type of Spiked Leather Dog Harness, such as the barrel harness, the designer collar, the hybrid collar, and the spiked collar. You may prefer one over the other depending on your pet's personality and appearance. However, you should choose the collar according to the size of your dog and its temperament, because smaller dogs may not be able to adjust the spikes properly and get hurt. In case you are not comfortable with the collar you can choose a different style of the collar.


The Dog Harness and Head Collar are making to fit small dogs that are very active and want to be carried around by their owners. The Dog Harness has a clip which is attached to the dog's collar; it helps to keep the dogs head within the harness loop. The head collar and harnesses are also known as Doggie Harnesses or sled dogs' collars. There are different types of Dog Harnesses, such as: the traditional collar, the modern harness, the slip chain, the prong, the no-bark collar, the slip buckle collar, the slip ring, the leather dog harness, the nylon ones and the foam dog harness.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fun, eye-catching design
  • Great for training dogs to walk nicely
  • Four adjustment points
  • Provides maximum comfort

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    Spiked Leather Dog Harness

    $79.98 Regular price

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