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Tactical Dog Harness Military Molle Harness
tactical dog harness vest
best tactical dog harness

Tactical Dog Harness Military Molle Harness

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A dog harnesses functions to control how a dog moves, either through pulling or pushing by using straps around its torso. A dog harness typically includes a leash that attaches to the collar, a large amount of webbing material, and sometimes even ahead collar to secure the dog's head. In some cases, the harness may also include an accessory called a martingale collar, which is designed to choke a dog if it pulls too hard on the leash or chokes itself. Although the martingale collar was designed for controlling dogs during live exhibitions, it has rapidly become the standard for controlling dogs while on leash.


A Tactical Dog Harness Military Molle Harness usually comes with a leash attachment or two, but depending on how it is worn, it may also have a reflective harness to further assist the dogs in seeing their surroundings at night. In many instances, the reflective harness is made of a reflective nylon material that can be see-through even in the dark. A reflective harness helps to protect the dogs' torso from hot dust, fog, or any other possible sources of discomfort or injury. It may also help to prevent a dog from being spooked or ambushed.


Dog harnesses are available in several different varieties, including those that feature reflective harnesses for increased visibility, leather pet harnesses, or webbing straps. Webbing straps are often included with other types of dog harnesses to help the dog to move more flexibly while wearing the equipment. Although these types of dog harnesses are typically used for walking, it is also possible to use Tactical Dog Harness Military Molle Harness to control the dog during indoor activities such as training or swimming. In most instances, pet harnesses are made from a soft, comfortable nylon material that is virtually indestructible, durable, and lightweight.

Features & Benefits:

  • A durable, versatile harness
  • Heavy-duty nylon shell
  • It has a soft interior padding for lightweight, water-resistant comfort.
  • Convenient MOLLE webbing
  • Fully adjustable neck and chest straps 

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Tactical Dog Harness Military Molle Harness

$55.98 Regular price

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