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Training Tracking Dog Leash
tracking leashes for dogs

Training Tracking Dog Leash

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Training Tracking Dog Leash

A dog leash is a long, thin rope or other material typically used to hold an animal by tying it to a leash, harness, or collar. In British English, a leash is primarily intended for an even larger animal, using lead is most commonly used when walking a dog. The word "leash" comes from the word "lodestone", a term that derived from ancient Roman and Greek mythology. In addition to the Roman and Greek roots, the word is also associated with the word "leash" in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and, until fairly recently, in the United States. Although popular in today's world, the original purpose of a Training Tracking Dog Leash was not just for walking a dog, but for capturing game or hunting animals. In fact, the first recorded use of a dog leash can be found in the Bible, where a woman caught up in a boar chase with Samson was able to tie herself to Samson's neck with a noose.


A dog leash may be made from a variety of materials, including leather, nylon, rubber, and a variety of hand-held and waist-worn options. While leather, nylon, rubber, and a variety of hand-held dog collars are considering the most popular, there are several other types available. In addition to traditional leather, you can also find collars made from acrylic, vinyl, and metal.


One common use for a dog leash is to attach a leash to a backpack or carrying case. While a leash attached to the back of a backpack is unattractive, many dogs have difficulty pulling a backpack up the stairs; therefore, a dog leash can easily be clipped to the side of a carrying case or utility belt. Other popular uses for a dog leash are to attach to an ID tag, to provide hands-free gripping ability when picking up small objects, to help a disabled or lame dog walk, and to allow a guide dog to keep its position while accompanying blind dogs or following a blind child around. Whether for traveling, walking, or training, a reliable Training Tracking Dog Leash makes walking your pet a much safer, enjoyable experience.

Features & Benefits:
  • It allows you to give your dog more space and maintaining control gradually
  • The perfect's choice for training to come on command and retrieving to hand
  • It's made from a long-lasting and multi-filament rope.

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Training Tracking Dog Leash

$29.98 Regular price

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