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Genuine Leather Dog Harness
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Genuine Leather Dog Harness


Genuine Leather Dog Harness

A Genuine Leather Dog Harness is a piece of equipment consisting of straps, or webbing, of metal cable that fasten almost directly to the back of a dog. It attaches to the chest of the animal, or sometimes the stomach as well, and is used primarily for walking a dog in places where a leash may not fit. In fact, some states require their citizens to own at least one dog harness to use when they are on public land. Dogs are naturally strong and sturdy, but the harnesses help them remain in good condition. As they move along the leash they pull it, causing the leash to tighten on the leash. This pulls the harness tightly and keeps the dog's upper body from jerking, especially if it is pulled too tightly. In the process, the dog has to work harder to keep up with the leash.

It is important for a Genuine Leather Dog Harness to be easy to put on and take off. This is because if the harness becomes too loose, the dog can slip out of it or fall through it easily, and if the harness becomes too tight, the dog may become irritated and uncomfortable. There are several kinds of dog harnesses, including the traditional Leach (a leather harness) and the metal choke collar. A choke collar is a form of dog control device that can cause pain, or even death to the dog if not used properly. The traditional choke collars are also known to cause pain or even death if the dog doesn't know what to do with his mouth when it gets caught by the collar.


Some harnesses also have other accessories such as leads, bells, pads, and other items. Many people choose to buy dog harnesses that have a combination of a leash and a choke collar as well. This helps to prevent the choke collar from being pulled too tight. Some other types of dog harnesses also have bells attached to the harness for additional sound and safety. Some harnesses can be personalized to match a specific breed of dog. These are often called "breed-specific" harnesses.

Features & Benefits:
  • Leather Material
  • Heavy-duty metal hardware 

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Genuine Leather Dog Harness


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